On Trolls and Cycling

This is Ying Tao, she died earlier this week aged 26, at Bank in London.


Having graduated with a degree from Cambridge, and a masters in economics from Oxford, she worked for leading business consultancy PwC for nearly three years.

She had just got married. Her heartbroken widower Jin described her thus:

“She was the perfect wife and perfect in every way. She was smart as well as beautiful.”

However, some people have afforded her no sympathy and pin the blame on her, for her own death, even before the full circumstances of how she was killed are known.

Why? Because she decided to cycle into work.

Cycling has become the acceptable prejudice. Supported by idiotic pieces from certain parts of the media baiting the motorists, many of whom still retain the false assumption that cyclists do not pay equally for the roads they ride on (they do!).

The sport, and those who choose to cycle recreationally, are at best ridiculed and at worst abused physically and verbally.

The bile is worst from those recesses where people believe they can remain hidden. Posting from anonymous social media accounts, they publicly publish their poisonous thoughts they wouldn’t dare air anywhere else.

Will these trolls ever change her opinion toward cyclists?

I can only imagine my intervention and that of other cyclists hardens the resolve against ‘us’. They claim we are the angry and defensive ones.

Those people who ride bikes are angry and we are defensive.

For those who can’t understand why, imagine walking along the street with a large proportion of fellow pedestrians swinging a large metal mallet at you, sometimes purposefully close, sometimes without knowing you’re there as they’re texting or talking on their phones.

Metaphorical device and model!

Now imagine these pedestrians hitting and knocking you to the ground, injuring or killing you. Every year thousands getting killed or injured by these mallet wielding lunatics.

Angry? Now try and comprehend how angry you’d feel if these people kept doing this when you are walking alongside children.

The most passionate of my cycling friends are those who have had their children almost needlessly killed as they’ve tried to introduce them to a sport in a hope for a healthy future.

We all need to get our head around the fact that we are neither cyclists nor drivers, we are all people looking for the most appropriate form of transport, not just for our own health but for the health of society in general.

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